Process Method and Production Flow

From Material to Product

Step 1: The Raw Material Stage

Step 2: The Processing Stage

Step 3: The Process Stage

Step 4: The Packing Stage

Step 5: The End Product

Benefits of using Bio-Flora Compost/Mulch Grade

Using Bio-Flora Compost has a wide array of benefits. As a soil conditioner that releases nutrient slowly, it has the following basic benefits:

1.   Improve soil condition
2.   Healthier plant
3.   Better aesthetics
4.   Environmentally friendliness
5.   Cost savings 

Common application of  Bio-Flora Compost

  1. The ideal soil condition would have a mix ratio of compost and soil of  1: 1
  2. Remove weed around the plants
  3. Tilling of soil around the plants

If soil cannot be till, spread layer of Bio-Flora pure and then mulch on top with amount depending on soil condition

  1. For mulching, a normal application of 1.5” to 2” spread evenly
  2. Watering required after application.

When to use?

For proper plant growth or ideal soil condition for plants, the fundamental building block must be in place. Therefore, Bio-Flora Organic Compost and mulch should be used during the crucial stages such as soil preparation, nursery level, reconditioning of soil and beautification works .

Long-term Benefits

The use of Bio-Flora Compost has long-term benefits. It promotes a shift away from fertilizers towards more environment friendly products. It compliments the growing industry of agriculture and landscaping thus helps promote Singapore towards achieving the GREEN NATION status in future.