Bio-Flora Compound Fertilizer 16:16:16

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Bio-Flora Compound Fertilizer 16:16:16 is made from chemical compound. It also contain all nutrient in the required amount. It is a balance diet for plants. It enhance the adsorption of nutrients by the roots. It is recommended for flower, plant, turf especially golf fields (green). It is also a long lasting multipurpose fertilizer.

Analysis of NPK 16:16:16 + TE (SOP):

Total Nitrogen(N)                                                                  16%

Ammonical Nitrogen                                                                3%

Organic Nitrogen                                                                     4%

Total Phosphorus Pentoxide(P2O5)                                   16%

Citrate Soluble P2O5                                                               1%

Water Soluble P2O5                                                                1%

Organic P2O5                                                                           1%

Total Potassium Oxide (K2O)                                              16%

Trace element – Cu, Zu, B


CROPS                                                                                         RATE

Turf , Green                                                                    28-30 kg 750m2 – 850m2 (62-66lb per 8,000 – 9,000 sq ft)

Fairyways                                                                       28-30 kg 900m2 – 1,100m2 (62-66lb per 10,000 – 12,000 sq ft)

Seedling                                                                          30-50g/bag (Apply once a month)

Vegetable                                                                        250-350kg/ha (Apply once every 10-14 days)

Landscape                                                                      30-32 kg 900m2 – 1,100m2 (Apply once every 14 -25 days)

Packaging :                                                                     50kg in plastic bag with liner. 20 bags per pallet