Azolon Turf Master


AZOLON Turf Master is a well balanced turf and lawn slow release fertilizer and is well adapted to meet the general nutrient demand of sports turf, golf courses and domestic lawns.
AZOLON Turf Master turf fertilizer contains 20N – 5 P O – 8 K O – 3MgO - and 11.5 S.
AZOLON Turf Master contains half of its nitrogen in slow-release form (ureaform) and the other half in fast release forms providing a good starter effect and quick green-up.
The fine granule size (0.8 – 2 mm) avoids product losses after mowing and take-up of the clipping material as a result of its rapid penetration into the sward.

Key Benefits

  • rapid action plus slow release effect
  • non-burning – high crop safety
  • low in chlorine
  • fine granules – no mower pickup
  • slow release nitrogen liberated by
  • microbial action
  • fewer applications
  • high sward density in turf
  • no flushes of growth – less mowing frequencies
  • continuous N-supply
  • satisfactory aesthetic appearance of turf
  • improved root development
  • improved plant health – increased drought tolerance
  • environmentally safe