Azolon 39 N Medium


AZOLON 39 N Medium is a pure organic controlled release nitrogen fertilizer based on a specific composition of methylene-urea polymers. It contains 39%nitrogen.
It supplies the correct nutrient amount for plant development over a period of approx. 6 months (approx. 80 % of the nitrogen). The remaining 20 % will be mineralized over the next 4 – 8 months.
The nitrogen is released by microbial activity at a rate depending on polymer length, the longer polymers being more resistant to mineralization than the short polymers.

Key benefits of AZOLON 39 N Medium

  • non-burning – high crop safety - low salt index
  • ensures a long-lasting and uniform nitrogen supply
  • slow release nitrogen liberated by microbial action
  • fewer applications
  • high sward density in turf
  • no flushes of growth – less mowing frequencies
  • satisfactory aesthetic appearance of turf
  • improved root development
  • improved plant health – increased drought tolerance
  • environmentally safe